How To Make 8 Ball On A Break

In APA pool games, if a player pockets the 8-Ball on their opening shot, it’s an automatic win… but making the 8-Ball on a break is no easy feat. In fact, 8 ball breaks are a bit of a luck shot. It’s so difficult to make the 8 ball on a break that nobody can do it with 100% accuracy, every time. That being said, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that you have the best chance of making the 8 ball on a break.

The first thing we need to do is position the cue ball in the right place. You’ll need to position the cue ball all the way to the side rail.

Next, you need to avoid the head ball and instead focus on the second ball down (in the video above, the second ball down is the 15-Ball). You need to hit that second ball down head-on. You don’t want to clip the ball in front of or behind the 15-Ball because that will ruin the shot. You can’t hit the cue ball in the center either, since you’ll scratch it after making contact.

Finally, you’ll want to Draw the ball using low-English, so that after you hit the 15-Ball, it will come off to the side. Take your time and line up your shot, again being careful not to clip the other balls. Pick up your pool cue stick, take your shot, and watch the 8 ball (hopefully) land in that side pocket.

Remember that this technique that takes a TON of practice and just as much luck to get absolutely right. Expect to miss the shot the majority of the time. Take solace in the fact that even if you don’t make the 8 ball any of the time, you’re still getting some good practice in on breaking.


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