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Skee Ball Home Machines for Sale

Home Skee Ball Machines for Sale

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Home Skee Ball Machine "Classic" for Sale
Skee-Ball Arcade Machine "Premium" with Scarlet Color Alley for Sale

Skee Ball Machines for Sale

Home Skee Ball Machines - Q & A

How Long is a Skee-Ball Machine Alley?

When the first alley was made in 1908, the alley was 32 feet long. Today, they are a little more space-conscious, and the length of the alley varies by model.

Here are specific lengths of a Skee-Ball alley by model:

Deluxe: 103" Long (8.58')

Classic: 123" Long (10.25')

What is "Free Play?" Are Quarters or Tokens Needed?

Free play means just that: There is no need for quarters, tokens, or game currency to play the game in Free Play mode. These home Skee-Ball® machines are professional-grade machines that can be found in a commercial arcade, but are available to play for free at home.

Can Any Type of Skee-Ball Be Used in Any Machine?

It is not recommended to interchange the Skee-Ball game balls between different arcade machines. Each machine requires a specific size ball in order to properly trigger the game sensors and not get stuck inside the cabinet.

However, the Skee-Ball® Classic, Glow and 1908 models all use the same size game balls and can be interchanged if desired.

Is it Skee-Ball or Ski-Ball?

The official brand name is “Skee-Ball®.”

What is Unique About the Skee-Ball® Deluxe?

The Skee-Ball® Deluxe features a rich burgundy-colored cabinet, durable construction, and a classic Skee-Ball® design and feel. This home-sized cabinet features four high-quality, “wall-friendly” rubber balls, a digital scoring display, and a ball counter.

Is There a Two-Player Option?

Yes, there is a 2-player challenge mode!

Here are the basic arcade style rules:

1. Each player rolls 9 balls up the ramp into the targets

2. The LED scoreboard displays your score and ball count

3. The player with the highest score wins

Why are There Only 4 "Home Friendly Balls?”

The Skee-Ball® Deluxe uses a high-density rubber ball instead of traditional wood or arcade resin balls. The game play is the same, but the feel is different as it is played with a lighter weight ball. These "dry wall friendly” balls are they are not heavy or hard enough to penetrate most interior walls.

Balls collect and auto-return in the front of the cabinet, rather than down the side, which means there's only room for 4 balls. That is all that is needed, as the balls will auto-return to the player in plenty of time to keep the game moving. The digital display keeps track of ball count and score, so players get the same experience as in the arcade at home.

Is it Possible to Use “House” Rules?

There have been many variations of “traditional” Skee-Ball® invented over the years, and creativity is always encouraged.

Here are a few of the more popular variations:

1. Hundo Rally: Players aim only for "hundo" (100) targets

2. No Look-Skee: Players roll 9 balls blindfolded

3. Around the World: Players aim for 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 100 - 10 - and 20 target

4. Black Out: Players must hit each target once

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