Pool Table Felt Chart

When you buy a new pool table from Billiards Direct, you get to choose your pool table felt color, as choose whether you’d like to upgrade to premium pool table cloth.

Scroll down to take a look at our extensive selection of pool table felt colors and find the one that best suits you and your room.

Pool Table Felt Colors

The two most-popular pool table felt colors are Tournament Blue and Tournament Green; those pool table cloth colors are the colors most commonly seen on televised pool games.

Pool tables felt colors including “orange”, “red”, and “purple” are gaining popularity for homeowners, and black-felt pool tables are available upon request.

Pool Table Felt Quality

Pool table felt quality is a worthy consideration for any pool table owner, regardless of the amount of play that you expect for your pool table.

There are three different pool table felt grades available. You may choose Standard Grade felt, Premium Grade felt, or Professional Grade felt.

Standard Grade Pool Table Felt – (Good)

A Standard Grade pool table felt provides a good all-around experience for any home pool table. 

  • Made of Felted Wool
  • Has slight nap, or fuzz, on the surface of the cloth
  • Balls travel slowest on “Standard Grade” pool table felt

Standard Grade pool table cloth is made of felted wool, which is fuzzy by definition. The fuzz of a Standard Grade cloth will cause pool balls to travel slower, and the Standard felt’s random-fuzz can cause the ball to divert off a straight line. 

Premium Grade Pool Table Felt – (Better)

Premium Grade pool table felts are designed to provide the best playing experience for any pool table.

  • Made of Worsted Wool
  • Has uniform, woven surface texture
  • Balls travel fast on “Premium Grade” pool table felt

A pool table with premium felt can be identified by its uniform, bump-free surface.

The uniform surface is a property of worsted wools that are used to manufacture Premium pool table felts.

Billiards Direct offers Premium, worsted-wool pool table cloth options by trusted brands, like Simonas and Predator.

Professional Quality Pool Table Felt – (Best)

Professional Quality felt for pool tables will provide the fastest ball travel, plus the longest lifespan. 

  • Made of “High-Endurance” Worsted Wool
  • Has uniform, woven surface texture with a protective coating
  • Balls travel fastest on “Professional Grade” pool table felt

Billiards Direct offers Professional Quality “High-Endurance” pool table cloths like Simonas 860 and Predator Arcadia Reserve.

Undecided? See Real-World Video Examples:

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