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Cuetec Cues - Questions & Answers

Are Cuetec shafts made of wood?

Cuetec shafts are wooden cue shafts, with a protective coating applied to increase shaft rigidity. 

Are Cuetec cues good?

Cuetec cues are good, especially for pool players who want composite-shaft technology at an affordable price. 

To date, 9 World Championships have been won using Cuetec pool cues.

When was Cuetec established?

Cuetec started in 1989, in New York State.

Can I use another shaft on a Cuetec cue?

Yes, you can use any 3/8x14 shaft on a Cuetec cue.

What joint / pin does Cuetec use?

Cuetec cues use a 3/8x14 size joint pin.

Do Cuetec cues have a warranty?

Yes, some Cuetec cues include a warranty. 

To activate the Cuetec warranty, register the cue on the Cuetec website within 60 days of purchase. 

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