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Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball Machine for Sale

Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball Machines for Sale

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Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball Machine - Fun for the Whole Family
Skillshot FX Virtual Pinball Machine - The Perfect Addition to Any Game Room

Skillshot FX Pinball - Questions & Answers

How quickly can Skillshot FX be set up?

Assembling the cabinet will take you approximately 40 minutes.

Additionally, setting up your Steam account and inputting wallet codes to access the full content experience should take around 20 minutes.

Is an Internet connection mandatory?

Indeed, an internet connection is essential for the initial setup and creation of your Steam account.

Once Skillshot FX has been set up initially, then offline play is entirely possible.

To fully engage with online leaderboards, participate in tournaments, and receive software updates, maintaining an ongoing internet connection will be necessary.

What is a "Steam" account? Is it free?

Steam, developed by Valve Corporation in 2003, is a digital distribution platform designed for the distribution of game software, multiplayer functionality, and social networking.

Steam is similar to other digital content services like iTunes or Google Play, in that it sells digital pinball table games.

As of now, Steam holds the title of the world's largest digital retailer for video games compatible with personal computers.

To use Steam, you need to create a free Steam account and install the complimentary Steam game client.

Can I reset the high scores?

While online high scores can't be reset, it is possible to clear your local high scores using the supplied mini-keyboard.

To do so, pause the game by pressing the back button on the navigation panel and select 'leaderboards'.

Next, use the keyboard touch panel or Ctrl keys to browse through the leaderboards until you reach 'Local Highscores'. 

Press the 'space' bar to reset these scores back to their default state.

How to adjust volume, or change lighting?

Adjusting the Skillshot FX's volume is straightforward thanks to the dedicated volume buttons on the navigation panel.

The Skillshot FX cabinet is also equipped with a Mode button that allows for the selection of several ambient lighting modes, including a Dark Mode. 

This same button can also be used to enable a Quiet Mode, which turns off the haptic feedback feature.

How many games come with Skillshot FX?

The Skillshot FX provides an expansive selection of 96 individual pinball tables. These are all powered by the superior Pinball FX3 technology from Zen Studios. 

The collection boasts a diverse range of themes, including those from renowned franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, Universal, Fox, and Bethesda. 

Additionally, it features classics from William’s Pinball, designed to emulate the original models.

For an extensive rundown of all the pinball tables featured, please refer to the full list of games, located on the Skillshot FX product listing. 

Is Skillshot FX pinball made in USA?

Yes! The Skillshot FX team takes great pride in declaring that their products are 'Made in the USA'.

Specifically, the Skillshot FX is built in the American town of Pulaski, Wisconsin, which also just happens to be just a stone's throw from Green Bay, which is a place associated with the renowned Green Bay Packers.

Every Skillshot FX unit is crafted by hand with meticulous attention to detail, matching the superior quality standards of their commercial arcade counterparts. 

As the Skillshot FX team at Skee-Ball often says, "each unit is a product of heartland craftsmanship and arcade love, right from Pulaski!"

How to clean the Skillshot FX

When it comes to maintaining the pristine condition of your Skillshot FX, here's what the team at Skee-Ball recommends:

For the Plastic Parts & Display Panel: Opt for a gentle, foaming glass cleaner and a soft microfiber towel for wiping down these parts. Remember, the Skillshot FX acrylic plastic sheets do boast 17 times the impact strength of glass - but that doesn't mean they are immune to scratches.

While they can withstand significant force, you'll want to exercise care while cleaning, particularly to safeguard the clear protective covering over the Skillshot FX playfield display.

Refrain from placing drinking glasses, mugs, tumblers or any other hard objects on the unit that might scratch the surface.

For the Wood Surfaces: A quality furniture polish and a soft microfiber towel should do the trick. Before applying the polish all over, give it a test run on a less visible area. If it doesn't react with the painted or wood surfaces, feel free to use it on the rest of the woodwork.

Is Skillshot FX easy to move?

The smooth base platform of the Skillshot FX game cabinet facilitates easy movement; remember that the fully assembled unit has a total weight of 270 lbs.

Where can I find pinball table tips & guides?

For comprehensive insights and community-driven discussions, check out Steam's Pinball FX community forum.

In-game, you can also access detailed table guides within the software itself. Simply pause the game using the navigation panel and select "Table Guide" to explore animated descriptions and special features for each table. 

Additionally, for a more thorough understanding of the games, pinball machine information, historical context, and more, check out our specially curated Pinball Machine Guide here on Billiards Direct.

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