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Skee Ball Arcade Games for Sale

Skee Ball Arcade Games for Sale

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Skee Ball Machines for Sale

Skee Ball Arcade Games - Q & A

What is the Length of a Skee-Ball Machine Alley?

In 1908, the very first alley measured 32 feet in length. Modern machines are smaller in size and have different alley lengths depending on the model.

Here are the available Skee-Ball® arcade machines and their alley lengths:

Premium: 108" Long (9')

1908: 121" Long (10.08')

Glow: 122" Long (10.16')

Does “Free Play” Require Coins or Tokens to Play?

Free play is just that: Free to play. There is no need for tokens, quarters, tokens, or game currency to play when using Free Play mode. This exclusive line of Skee-Ball machines are commercial-grade alleys that are found in professional arcades, simply with a free play option for home use.

Do All Skee-Ball Machines Use the Same Balls?

Each type of machine requires its own specific type of ball, as such balls should not be swapped between different cabinets. Each machine needs a very specific ball size to ensure balls do not get stuck inside the cabinet and properly trigger the game sensors.

The only exceptions are the Skee-Ball® 1908, Classic, and Glow models which all use the same size balls and as such can be interchanged if desired.

Is it Ski-Ball or Skee-Ball?

Officially, the name brand is “Skee-Ball®.”

What is Unique About the Skee-Ball® Premium?

A modern, sleek cabinet with Merapi wood grain finish, The Skee-Ball® Premium features a 6mm thick cork ramp to ensure an authentic Skee-Ball® feel as you roll 4 classic wood grain balls up the lane. The Skee-Ball® Premium cabinet also features a color pixel display and ambient underside LED lighting programmed to correspond to each player.

Does The Premium Have a Multi-Player Option?

The Skee-Ball® Premium can be played by up to 6 players at a time. It also features several different built-in game modes to ensure every player can find a game they enjoy.

What Game Modes Does the Premium Have?

Classic: Each player rolls 9 balls up the ramp into the targets

Three-Ball: A twist on Classic, each player rolls 3 frames of 3 balls each

Speed: Players roll balls as fast as they can for 30 seconds

Countdown: Players roll 3 balls at a time to countdown from 310 to exactly zero

Light 'em up: Players roll 3 balls at a time, aiming to hit each target once

Blackjack: Each player is dealt a random card. Roll one ball at a time to reach exactly twenty-one

How is the Skee-Ball Premium Controlled?

The Skee-Ball Premium has a 4-button control panel right on the front of the unit next to the ball return. Players can use this convenient interface to turn the power on and off, change the volume, choose 1-6 players, and select the game mode.

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