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Skee Ball Machines for Sale

Skee Ball Machines for Sale

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Skee-Ball Arcade Machine "Premium" with Scarlet Color Alley for Sale
Skee-Ball Arcade Machine "Premium" with Charcoal Color Alley - Great for Game Rooms

Skee Ball Machines - Q & A

Do Some Skee-Ball Machines Use Different Balls?

Traditional Skee-Ball® arcade machines come with original heavy-duty Skee-Ball balls - the ones that make that beautiful "clack" as they roll into gameplay. These machines and balls are designed for a dedicated game space where there is plenty of room to safely play with heavy-duty balls.

Home Skee-Ball machines come with lighter weight resin or high-density rubber “home friendly balls.” These “dry-wall friendly” balls allow for the same exciting gameplay as traditional arcade machines, just with a lighter weight ball. These balls are designed to be used safely in virtually any room.

Is it Possible to Try a Skee-Ball® Alley Before Buying?

Every Skee-Ball® alley is on display and available to try in the Wisconsin Skee-Ball® showroom.

Alternatively, all Skee-Ball® machine models are available through a robust dealer network, all across the contiguous United States.

Where are Skee-Ball® Machines Made?

Every authentic home Skee-Ball® arcade cabinet is made in and shipped from Pulaski, Wisconsin (USA), just outside of Green Bay.

Each home Skee-Ball® machine is handmade, in house, with the same quality and attention to detail as any original Skee-Ball® alley roller found in the arcade or on the boardwalk.

Is Every Part Made in Wisconsin?

Yes, everything is made in America, specifically in Wisconsin. From the router room to the cable corner, just about every aspect of every Skee-Ball alley roller is hand built from the ground up in the heart of the Midwest.

Is This a “Real” Skee Ball Machine?

This is the original “real” Skee-Ball® machine from the original Skee-Ball® manufacturer.

Skee-Ball® is the official brand name of the original, officially licensed alley roller patented in 1908.

More than a century later, Skee-Ball® has become more than an icon and a brand, it has become a household name.

The Skee-Ball® Deluxe, Premium, 1908, Classic, or Glow are the perfect addition to any home arcade, basement, man cave, or rec room.

Anything else is just an imitation of The Original Alley!

Do These Machines Have Authentic Sounds & Play?

Yes! While contained in a smaller cabinet, every Skee-Ball® home game comes with the original Skee-Ball® arcade sounds, game play, scoring, and hours of fun and entertainment.

How Long is a Skee-Ball Machine Alley?

When the first alley was made in 1908, it was 32 feet long. Today, machines are more space-conscious, and the alley length varies by model.

Here are specific lengths of a Skee-Ball® alley by model:

Deluxe: 103" Long (8.58')

Premium: 108" Long (9')

1908: 121" Long (10.08')

Classic: 123" Long (10.25')

Glow: 122" Long (10.16')

Are Skee-Ball Machines Available for Home Use?

Yes! Skee-Ball® machines bring an authentic arcade experience home.

These Skee-Ball® are the same commercial grade machines that you would find a commercial arcade simply scaled down to 80% of the original arcade size, but with all the same authentic arcade features that players have come to expect.

Skee Ball Machines for Sale

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