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Predator "Urbain" Cue Cases for Sale

Predator "Urbain" Cue Cases For Sale

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Predator "Urbain" Cases - Q & A's

How long is a pool stick case?

Pool cue cases are roughly half the length of a full-length cue.

In the United States, a pool cue stick case is generally about 40 to 45 inches tall.

Why use a pool cue stick case?

Pool cue stick cases are used when players want to safely transport their cue from home, likely to a pool hall.

Since most pool cues come in two-pieces, a cue stick case is a convenient way to carry pool cues in a smaller form factor. 

Cue cases also provide a protective environment for the pool cues inside them, helping to prevent random dings and warpage.

Can I leave my cue case in a hot car?

A hot car is basically an oven, and it is a bad idea to leave your pool cues in an oven, even if they are in a protective pool cue case.

What is the best pool cue case?

Pool cue stick cases are designed to protect pool cues from damage, and also make them easier to transport. 

The best pool cue cases are large enough to carry your favorite pool cues, but allow room for expansion in the future. 

2x2 & 3x5 pool cue cases are the most-popular pool cue case sizes. 

What do pool cue case numbers mean?

Cue case numbers like "2x4" are used to indicate how many butts and shafts are stored inside the pool cue case.

The first number in a cue stick case will indicate how many butts fit into the cue case, and the second number indicates how many shafts can fit into the pool cue case.

For example, 2X4 pool cue cases can hold 2 butts & 4 shafts.

How do I put my pool cues in a cue stick case?

First, wipe off any chalk from your cue tip. 

Next, insert the shaft into the case with the tip down.

The, insert the butt into the case with the joint up.

Your cue is now properly stored in a pool cue case.

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