How To Use a Tip Pick like the BowTie by Cuetec


Today I’m going to show you how to use a Tip Pick. This particular pick is the “BowTie by Cuetec”. The Bow-Tie features as Scuffer, a Shaper and a Tip-Pick inside of it. A lot of people have this tool but they don’t know how to use it well. I aim to fix that today.

One very good was to use it is by taking the Tip-Pick part of it (with all the needles on it) and hit your tip with it. You want to rotate it a bit each time. Pretend you’re a slow woodpecker and you’ll get a pretty good rhythm going.

The other way you can do it is to use the edge of it and press into it. You’ll want to rotate it a bit as well as you go. This will allow you to stick your needles in there much further. DO NOT stick the needles in the tip and twist it because that will break all the fibers in the leather tip and it will permanently damage it.

The other part of the BowTie is the Shaper part which is like a dome. When your tip gets mushroomed, you will just stick it on there and rotate it. Apply as much pressure as you need to.

The third part of the Bow-Tie is the Scuffer. This particular aspect of the Bow-Tie is similar to the actual Tip-Pick. This doesn’t work nearly as well as the Tip-Pick so I don’t recommend using this unless you absolutely have to (like if you somehow could only find the top half of the Bow-Tie and didn’t have the Tip-Pick.)

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