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Pool Table Moving Service Repair for Sale
It is Important to Use a Professional Pool Table Mover

Based on our Yelp and Google Reviews, it’s evident that our customers are delighted to tell the world that Billiards Direct’s pool table movers are “trustworthy”, “safe”, “professional”, and that they “get the job done on time”.

Trustworthy Pool Table Movers

If you’re searching for a pool table mover in your area, may have noticed that every local business, store, or pool table mover says they’re “trustworthy”.

Pool Table Moving Service Repair for Sale
Billiards Direct is a Trustworthy Pool Table Mover

If you happen to be searching for “pool table movers in San Diego”, you may have seen Billiards Direct’s name in your search results. We feel that Billiards Direct is a trustworthy pool table mover for these 4 reasons:

  • Billiards Direct has a retail shop in La Mesa, CA
  • Our pool table movers receive 5-star reviews on Google & Yelp
  • We provide a free Online Pool-Table Move Estimate
  • Billiards Direct pool table movers have 40 years of experience

Billiards Direct’s pool table movers have completed thousands of pool table moves in San Diego, and our customers regularly compliment us on the same, four things. Customers like that our pool table movers are “Safe, Reliable, Available, and Professional.” 

Pool Table Mover Safety

Billiards Direct’s pool table mover teams are invited into San Diego homes and offices each day, and that’s why our pool table movers always have “Safety” on their mind while they work.

Pool Table Moving Service Repair for Sale
Keeping Your Pool Table Safe While Moving is Essential

Proper pool table padding, taping, carting, and wrapping are hallmarks of a Safe pool table mover team. When the job is finished, our safety-minded pool table movers will remove from the premises all materials and packaging.

Customers tell us they’re grateful they found Billiards Direct, because they had unreliable service providers in the past.

Reliable Pool Table Movers

We’ve heard tales of unreliable service providers who showed up late, rushed the job, and/ or damaged parts of the pool table they were supposed to be entrusted with moving.

Pool Table Moving Service Repair for Sale
When Moving a Pool Table You Need Someone You Can Count On

In contrast, a “Reliable” pool table mover shows up on time, and performs all the agreed-upon work, and is finished only when they have verifiably tested that the pool table has been brought to perfectly-level, ready-to-play condition.

Reliable pool table movers will treat you, and your pool table, with respect. A reliable pool table mover will be available to back up their repair work, should you ever need them in the future.

Finding Available Pool Table Movers

If you’re researching pool table movers in San Diego, or anywhere in the USA, you may discover that the “Availability” of the best pool table movers can be limited. In some regions, the best pool table movers are often booked weeks in advance, depending on the season.

Pool Table Moving Service Repair for Sale
Professional Pool Table Movers Adapt to Your Schedule

If you’re looking for an available pool table mover in San Diego, contact Billiards Direct, or come visit us in person at our San Diego Billiard and Dart Store, Billiards Direct.

Professional Pool Table Movers

“Professionalism” means that the pool table movers’ actions are careful and well-considered while they are at your residence or business. Hiring Professional pool table movers will provide peace of mind, due to their established track record and specialized knowledge of the job’s requirements.

Pool Table Moving Service Repair for Sale
A Professional Pool Table Mover Makes Moving a Pool Table Easy


Yelp Reviews for Pool Table Movers

“Let me tell you guys, the guys from Billiards Direct are fast and efficient, friendly, and very professional. They moved my table to my new place and left it looking like new! Very pleased with the work!” – Mike B.

Mike B.

“Brandon and the guys at Billiards Direct are professional and communicative. They moved my pool table and refelted it. It looks awesome in my new home!” – Leia C.

Leia C.

“Very professional company. Great communication, on time and amazing service. Please do not try and move a table yourself or hire buddies. Call the professionals. They accepted my service request last minute and made it look easy, not to mention setting up on the third floor. Worth every penny. Thanks Billiards Direct.– Anthony M.

Anthony M.

Brandon and his team moved my new table, leveled it, repaired 2 damaged bumpers and replaced the felt. They did a good job and he has a great store in La Mesa filled with a huge selection of pool and dart related gear. Good communication and friendly staff. Thanks!” – Eff S.

Eff S.

Contact Billiards Direct

If you have a pool table move that you’d like to schedule with us, please visit our Price Quote Generator for a free, custom quote for pool table moving. We’d love for you to experience, first hand, why so many San Diegans trust Billiards Direct to move their pool tables. Contact us directly if you have questions for our pool table mover team.

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