How To Identify Antique & Specialty Pool Tables

Antique and Specialty Pool Table Examples

Professional pool table installers can install a modern pool table in as little as two hours, but some pool tables require more time to assemble and disassemble. Antique pool tables, Brunswick Gold Crown pool tables, and Commercial-size Rasson pool tables all require additional disassembly & assembly time.

Read on to discover what kind of pool table you have…

Identifying Antique Pool Tables

Some new pool tables are manufactured with an “antique style”, but a true antique pool table is typically over 100 years old. An antique pool table will have a unique look which makes them easy to recognize.

Antique Pool Table Example

Genuine antique pool tables typically have metal caps all along the outside rails. These caps are used to cover up the rail bolts that were used in early pool table designs. Removing each of these caps requires additional time, plus it requires the use of an antique adjustment tool.

If you have an antique pool table, inform your pool table mover so that they can bring the right tools to complete the job.

Identifying Brunswick Pool Tables

Brunswick Gold Crown pool tables are another type of pool table which can add additional time to the pool table moving process.

Brunswick Gold Crown Pool Table Example

Due to the numerous pieces used in the construction of a Brunswick Gold Crown table, pool table movers will often need extra time to complete the disassembly and / or assembly process.

Identifying Commercial Pool Tables

Commercial sized pool tables can also require extra time from a pool table mover, since commercial pool tables from Rasson include built-in Slate Leveling and Leg Leveling systems which require extra attention while disassembling.

Rasson Commercial Pool Table Example

Rasson Commercial pool tables will require additional time for disassembly, due to the numerous pieces used in their construction.

We’ll Move Your Pool Table

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  1. Do you buy antique pool tables? We have a S. Delp's & Sons pool table and cue holder that we would like to sell. It does have caps on the outside rails.

    1. Hi Stephen, at this time we’re not buying antique pool tables. It sounds like you’re knowledgeable about your table, so consider putting it on OfferUp, and include a story that highlights the antique pool table’s specific heritage, if you can find it.

  2. I've acquired what appears to be an older passion & son table. When dismantling to fix some issues we found markings of 31913. Does that date the table.

    1. Hi Natalie, to my knowledge and recollection, Bassford pool tables were made by a company who primarily produced spas. I do not have any additional, verifiable information about Bassford pool tables.

  3. I have an old 8’ 3-pc. Slate table that looks a lot like the one on your picture. I found a brass tag that came off of it with “Ogle’s Master Cushion”. A manufacturer of pool tables out of Louisville Kentucky. Are you familiar with the table? The bumpers have C.C. Steeple ton stamped in red on several of them. I originally thought the table was built by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. as it resembles one of their early tables as well. Any light you can shed would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Keith, if you look underneath the table with a flashlight, you may be able to find a date stamped or printed somewhere on the frame. If you can locate the year it was made, then your next step would be to contact Ken at Classic Billiards; he is an antique-pool-table specialist.

  4. Excellent column of Q&A. Have 11 fr2”” x 5ftx Brunswick Billiards table. We believe it is 1924, but I will crawl under with light as you suggest(despite my back surgery). It is in near excellent condition but a couple of pieces below can be fixed. The polish is excellent with inside pockets. The original billiard cue wall holder has many early cue sticks with side brackets under the table’s sides. I report in later.

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