How To Measure a Pool Table

Measure These Diamonds To Measure Your Pool Table

If you want to figure out what size pool table you have, this page will show you how to measure a pool table.

In the United States, there are four standard sizes of pool tables: 7 foot, 8 foot, 8.5 foot, and 9 foot. To find out which of those pool table sizes you have, all you’ll need is a measuring tape.

Measuring A Pool Table

Stand at the short end of the pool table, and position your tape measure at the second diamond.

Using the diamonds as a visual reference, measure straight across the shorter side of table, from one rail to the other.

Stop Your Pool Table Measurement At The Rail

Stop your measurement when you reach the beginning of other rail, and note the number on the tape measure.

Understanding The Measurements

Your pool table measurement will likely be somewhere between 39″ inches and 50″ inches.

If your table measures 39″ – 40″, you have a 7 Foot Pool Table

If your table measures 44″, you have an 8 Foot Pool Table

If your table measures 46.5″, you have an 8.5 Foot Pool Table

If your table measures 50″, you have a 9 Foot Pool Table

If your number is much larger than 50″, it’s possible that you actually measured the long side of your pool table.

To fix this, simply re-measure your table on the short side and you’ll likely get a number that falls within the standard pool table sizes for the United States.

We Service All Table Sizes

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  1. Such a helpful guide on how to measure accurately our pool tables! Kudos for sharing information on how to understand such measurements.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Alice. We often receive phone calls from people who are unaware of how to measure a pool table, so we decided to create this article so that we could have a clear, and concise, method for measuring.

  2. As someone who recently moved a pool table, I can attest to the helpfulness of the measuring guide on Billiards Direct. Highly recommend!

  3. The article on measuring a pool table on Billiards Direct is an excellent resource for anyone looking to transport or install a pool table.

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