What Is A Standard Pool Cue Length?

What is a Standard Pool Cue Size?

Most pool shooters want to buy a standard size pool cue length, even if they aren’t exactly sure what a “standard size pool cue length” actually is. In the USA, a pool cue’s standard length is 58 inches long, and 58″ is the cue length that most pool shooters use. Any pool shooter taller than 5′ will find the 58″ pool cue length to be ideal. 

58″ Inches Is A Standard Pool Cue Size

Although a 58″ pool cue length is recommended for most pool shooters, non-standard pool cue lengths do exist, and they range from 36″ to 61″. If you’re wondering whether a non-standard pool cue length might be appropriate for you, check out the Height-to-Cue-Length chart:


Pool Cue Length

Under 4’

36” – 48′

4’ – 5’


5’ – 5’8”


5’8” – 6’4”


6’4” +



Most Should Get A 58″ Cue

For adult pool shooters who are 5 feet tall and under, a 58″ standard pool cue length is still recommended, since a 58″ pool cue length assures that any shot on the table will be accessible.

If a pool shooter is 5-feet tall, it’s reasonable to conclude that they may want a short, 52″ pool cue, but a short pool cue also has its challenges. There are some shots which a 52″ pool cue will never be able to reach, even on smaller, 7 foot “bar box” pool tables.

What Is A Standard Size One-Piece Cue?

In many pool facilities, pubs, recreation centers, you might see one-piece standard pool cues that are 57″ long. Try out one of these 57″ one-piece cues next to a 58″ 2-piece cue, and see if you can feel the difference for yourself. How Big Is A One-Piece Cue Compared to A Two-Piece Cue?

Extending Standard Pool Cue Length

For some taller players who may want a longer cue than 58″, a cue butt extension may provide a solution. Pool cue from Cynergy and Predator have plugs which allow a pool shooter to easily screw-in a cue butt extender. With a proper cue butt extender, pool cues can be instantly transformed from a standard size 58″ cue into a 61″ cue, a 64″ cue, and even a 70″ cue. 

When To Choose a Non-Standard Pool Cue Size

For playing pool in tight spaces, or for children’s pool cues, short pool cue lengths from 24” to 52” are a good idea. These short cues will provide a close-enough gameplay experience on most pool tables. A downside with short cues is that there will always be inaccessible shots in the middle of the table.


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