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Pool Cue Wraps

When you browse pool cues for sale on Billiards Direct‘s online billiard shop, how do you determine the best kind of pool cue wrap for you? There are a lot of options for pool cue grips/ wraps, and they range from “extremely grippy” pool cue wraps, all the way to very “smooth” pool cue wraps.

In this blog post, we will review the various pool cue wrap types, and how each one actually grips to your hand. Note that every wrap type is not always available for every pool cue, so sometimes you need to strike a balance between selecting your favorite pool cue appearance and your preferred pool cue grip type.

Rubber Wrap Pool Cues

The “Most Grippy” pool cue wrap is a Rubber Wrap. Nothing even comes close to rubber wraps, in terms of grippy-ness. If your hands sweat a lot, and if you really want the cue to stick to your hand, a rubber wrap pool cue is the best way to go. 


Wrapless Pool Cues

The second most grippy handle type may be a surprise to you; it’s the “No Wrap” or “Wrapless” pool cue type. Wrapless pool cues have a finish on them and your palm will stick to that finish, so that you’ll be able to grip the pool cue really well.

You may be thinking “well, a no-wrap handle looks just like the shaft, so it must be slippery too” but that’s not actually the case. A pool cue’s shaft and a pool cue’s butt are completely different surfaces, and a Wrapless pool cue is very grippy.


Stacked Leather Pool Cues

The third most grippy type of pool cue stick wrap is called a Stacked Leather wrap. It is a smooth leather, and it is grippier than a Standard Leather wrap. When your hand sweats, it will stick very well to a Stacked Leather Wrap.



Standard Leather Pool Cues 

Next most-grippy pool cue wrap is a Standard Leather Wrap. A standard leather wrap cue has a texture on it, and the wrap’s texture makes Standard Leather not quite as sticky as the Stacked Leather Wrap, but it’s still decently grippy.



Irish Linen Pool Cues 

Finally, the least grippy pool cue wrap is the Irish Linen Wrap. You may think that Irish Linen would be more grippy, but that’s not actually the case. The reason Irish Linen wraps don’t grip as well as the other wrap types is because the linen itself has a starch and wax coating on it. Irish-Linen typically feels super slick in the hand, and most pool shooters discover that their hand can slide through it very easily.


We have now reviewed all the popular options available for pool cue grip types. Now when you shop for pool cues on Billiards Direct, you’ll have enough information to decide what your pool cue wrap preference is. If you still have questions about pool cue grip types, please ask me your pool cue wrap questions by using the comment box at the bottom of this page.  


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  1. Is rhere a difference between Irish Linen wraps used in the sixties and today? I have been told Mt circa 1967/68 cue has a better wrap than available today.

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