What Are Some Common Cue Shaft Tip Diameters?

Let’s review some of the most common pool cue tip diameters and exactly what purpose they serve. 

  • 13mm comes standard on most pool cue shafts.
  • 12.5mm are often started as 13mm tips, then reduced to a smaller size.
  • 11.75 which is found on Predator’s Z-Series shafts.

Each of these pool cue shaft diameter sizes has its own purpose, and we’re going to review that right now.

13 mm Diameter Shaft Tip:

First up is the 13mm pool shaft tip diameter. This size tip will help you to pocket balls really well. Getting good English with a 13mm shaft will be a little more difficult if you don’t already have a really good pool cue stroke.

12.50 mm Diameter Shaft Tip:

Next up is the 12.5mm pool cue tip. You’ll get a bit more English with this tip though you’re likely to miss a little more often because it’s a smaller surface hitting the ball.

11.75 mm Diameter Shaft Tip:

Finally we have the 11.75mm pool cue tip. This tip will give you a lot of English but you’re even more likely to miss since there’s even less tip surface hitting the ball.

So, as with just about anything in life, you’ll need to strike a compromise between certain aspects. Some people may have a more well-developed stroke already, which means a 13mm tip may be the best choice for them. Some people may prefer the ability to impart a great deal of English on the ball, which would mean a smaller tip diameter for them.

In summary: the larger the shaft’s tip, the more you’re like to pocket balls. The smaller the cue shaft’s tip, the more English you’ll be able to put on the cue ball. Now are able to make an informed decision, next time you’re considering a new pool cue shaft diameter.


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  1. I am perplexed, wanting to buy, a cue for my husband for Christmas. He has played for years and after years of not playing he wants to start again. Can you help?

    1. Hi Deni, when buying a cue for for someone else, these are the questions you have to ask yourself:

      – How much do you want to spend on this cue? Shop by cue price-range with our Pool Cue prices page

      – What colors does your recipient like? We have a pool cue colors page, which makes it easy to browse pool cues by color.

      – What kind of pool cue wrap style do they prefer? Check out our “how to choose a pool cue wrap” article

      – What cue weight do they like? (19 oz is a good starting point for most players, and here’s a how-to video about cue weights )

      Finally, for the cue’s shaft diameter, choose something between 12.75 and 13mm, unless you know your recipient wants something different. Here’s a video explaining the various shaft-diameters available.

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