What Do Cue Case Numbers Mean?

What do the numbers next to a pool cue case actually mean? They’re simply a list of how many cues (butts) and how many shafts the case holds. So when you see a cue case advertized as being a 1×2 case, that means it holds one cue butt and two shafts. The first number is always the butt and the second number is always the shaft.  

Lets take a look at some common numbers you’ll encounter. It’s worth mentioning that the examples listed below are just a few possible combinations of cue and shaft. There are a lot of cases available so you’re sure to find one that fits your specific needs.

1×1 Pool Cue Case

The 1×1 pool cue case is the most basic and compact of all the cases. It holds one butt and one shaft, hence it’s numbering of 1×1. The small size of 1×1 cases make them ideal for players just starting out what want to keep their cue in good condition but don’t want a case that takes up a lot of space or gets too heavy. 


1×2 Pool Cue Case

Moving up from the 1×1 case, we have the 1×2 cue case. As you would imagine, it holds one cue butt and two shafts. This is a good choice for the players that has a butt that they like to always use but want to be able to switch out the shaft occasionally. The 1×2 case is nearly as small as the 1×1 so if you’re the player who loves a particular cue but wants to keep a few shafts handy, this is the case to get. 


2×4 Pool Cue Case

Moving on up from the single cue cases, we have a 2×4 cue case. This case holds two cue butts and has space for up to 4 shafts. If you just cant decide which cue to bring to a game (or you have a big collection that you want to keep safe) this is a great choice for you.


4×6 Pool Cue Case

This is a case that basically ensures you’ll always have EVERY possible combination of cue and shaft you could ever need to make your shot. The 4×6 case holds 4 butts and 6 shafts. Believe it or not, they make even larger cases than 4×6, so if your collection is going to keep growing, plan for the future when you select a cue case.



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