Why 8 Foot Pool Tables Are Popular

Pool tables are available in various sizes, but the most popular pool table size is an 8 foot pool table. In this article, you’ll discover why so many people are choosing 8 ft pool tables for their home, even if they have enough room for a larger pool table size.

8 Foot 8Ft Pool Table Dimensions for Sale
8 Foot Pool Tables are the Most Popular Size

8 Foot Pool Table Benefits

8 footers fall in right in the middle of the three pool table size options, so they provide a happy balance in terms of space and playability. In general, an 8 foot pool table will never feel too confined, or too expansive. You’ll feel right at home on an 8 foot table, even if you regularly play on different sizes of pool table at your local bar, pub, recreation center, or pool hall.

8 Foot 8Ft Pool Table Dimensions for Sale
Most Player Can Feel Comfortable Playing on an 8 Foot Pool Table

Eight foot pool tables can accommodate every skill level and playing style. 8 ft pool tables are considered a “tournament size” which is approved by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), and that allows a pool shooter to continually improve their skills without needing to re-learn on a new pool table size.

How 8 Foot Pool Tables Compare

If you’ve ever played on a 7 foot table, you may have noticed it’s easy to accidentally pocket the cue ball since the table is smaller. There is an extra foot of playing space on an 8 footer, and that means you’re statistically less likely to accidentally pocket the cue ball on an 8 ft pool table. Additionally, you don’t have to over-calculate the distances for each shot on an 8ft pool table, which can be a challenge for pool shooters on 9 foot tables.

8 Foot 8Ft Pool Table Dimensions for Sale8 Foot Pool Tables Have a Good Amount of Room Without Being Overly Large

Nine foot tables are sometimes too big for an intended space, but an eight foot pool table may fit nicely into that same space. Even when there is sufficient room for a 9 foot pool table, it may be wise to choose an 8 foot pool table, since it allows more room to shoot on all sides. Remember to always measure your room space to make sure you can fully extend a standard length cue stick; there’s nothing worse than hitting the wall when trying to play pool!

More Options With 8 Foot Tables

When searching for a pool table size, you’re likely to find more 8 foot pool tables for sale than any other size. Pool and billiard table manufactures make more 8 foot pool tables than 7 or 9 foot sizes, so if you want a lot of choice, start looking at 8 ft pool tables for sale. Savvy pool shooters often search for “8 foot slate pool tables for sale”, since they understand that slate pool tables are far sturdier than non-slate tables, which feature a wood bed.

8 Foot 8Ft Pool Table Dimensions for SaleA Slate Pool Table is Far Superior to a Wood Bed Table

Is An 8 Foot Pool Table For You?

As you search for your perfect pool table, you can use this information to help you make an informed decision. Now that you’ve seen the benefits of an 8 foot table, it’s probably no surprise that some people call them the “home eights”. After all, 8 ft pool tables are the most popular pool table size choice for residences.

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