How to Play Baseball Darts

Baseball is known as America’s past time, and the darts game “Baseball” pays tribute to that sport while adding new options to the game. Baseball Darts can be played individually for practice, or Baseball Darts can be played just like real baseball, with two teams playing against each other.

It’s called Baseball Darts due to the similarities between the real game of Baseball and the darts version. Baseball Darts games feature nine innings, each player or team has 3 throws (or Outs) per inning, and you can even score Singles, Doubles, and Triples!

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Each Team Shoots 3 Darts per Inning

Who Can Play Baseball Darts?

Number of Players: 1 team, plus an unlimited amount of additional teams

Active Spaces: 1 through 9 (if you hit any other space, it’s a missed turn and no points)

Each player, or a team representative, throws a dart to see who can hit closest to bullseye. Whichever player or team is closest to the bullseye will officially start the game.

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In Each Inning, Aim for the Corresponding Board Segment

Players (or their teams) have 3 throws per each inning, for a total of nine innings in a game. Players throw darts to hit whichever number of inning they are in. 

Example: in the first inning, you throw at number 1, then in the second inning, you throw at number 2, and so forth. Each single space earns a point. Double spaces are worth twice as many points. And Triple spaces are worth three times as many points.

How To Play Baseball Darts to Win

Play continues and the score is totaled as you complete each inning up to the ninth, which is when the game ends officially. Whichever player or team has the highest score after the ninth inning is declared the winner.

In the event of a tie, the game would then continue to extra innings. In extra innings, players throw at the numbers following 9 (10, 11, 12, etc.) The game of Baseball Darts continues until the tie is broken, just like real baseball.

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In the 9th Inning, All 3 of These Darts Score 9 Points Each

Variations on Baseball Darts

Most dart games have variations which can be applied to change up the game, and Baseball Darts is no exception. 

For an extra challenge, consider including the “7th Inning Stretch” rule. With the “7th Inning Stretch” rule in place, players are assessed a harsh penalty if they are unable to score points in the 7th inning.

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Variations on the Game Allow for Fun Challenges

What exactly is the “harsh penalty” for players who don’t score in the 7th inning?  Your entire score is cut in half if you don’t score during a “7th Inning Stretch”. The extreme nature of this variation makes it a good way to handicap a more skilled dart player.

Alternatively, for beginner players, a helpful handicap can improve the fairness of the game. Consider giving each new players an extra throw per inning, or make every shot a Double by default. The variations are limitless and whichever way you to choose to play, remember to have fun while you aim for your best game!

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