Is a “Pool Queue” Identical to a “Pool Cue”?


What is the difference between a “Pool Queue” and a “Pool Cue“?

Is it just a matter of spelling or is there more going on here?

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Is There a Difference Between a “Pool Queue” and a “Pool Cue”?

Pool Queue vs Pool Cue

The origins of this spelling mystery lie in the earliest days of the game of pool.

At it’s inception, pool was not played with the cues we think of today. Pool was originally played with a “pool mace” that had a thick, curved head.

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Pool Cues Started as Pool “Maces”

This curved head was very inconvenient to shoot with when the ball was near the edge of the table.

As such, many players would turn the mace around and take those shots using the butt end of the mace.

The English Word Pool Queue

In Ye’ Old English, the word “Queue” meant “the tail end of something”, and that is where the term “pool queue” came from.

Since people would often use the “queue” of the pool mace to make their shots, eventually the mace came to be known as the pool “cue.”

The name stuck, and the rest is history.

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Would these men call that stick on the table a “Queue” or a “Mace”?

Also, if you ever see the term “pool cur,” it is simply a misspelling of “cue,” and not another type of pool stick.

Types of Pool Cues

Now we know why it is called a “cue,” but did you know that there is more than one type of cue?

On the Billiards Direct’s website, there are play cues for sale by the hundreds, plus break cues, jump cues, and other types of pool cues.

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Today, many pool stick types and styles exist, but everybody mostly agrees to call them “Pool Cues”

Pool cues also come in an astonishing range of qualities, materials, weights, colors, and sizes.

Most pool cues can even be fitted with tips of various hardness grades, and quality pool cues will also features interchangeable shafts via a locking joint in the middle of the cue.

Choosing YOUR Pool Cue

If you would like more information about pool cues, please visit our website, or stop by our Billiards Direct showroom in La Mesa, CA. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the perfect pool cue for YOU and YOUR game.

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