3rd Eye Stroke Trainer – Billiards Product Review

Today we’re highlighting a product that can benefit many players who are just starting out: The 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer by Joe Tucker.

Essentially, the product is a small plastic device that slides over the end of your cue stick and helps you to straighten out your stroke. Don’t be deceived by it’s simplicity, the 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer really does what it promises.

It does this by virtue of two small prongs that jut out on either side. The spacing between the two prongs is slightly larger than the cue ball.

This means that unless you hit the ball perfectly straight on, the 3rd Eye Trainer will come into contact with the cue ball, alerting you that you’re not shooting straight.

After just a few minutes with the device, you’ll likely notice your strokes becoming straighter. After a few weeks with this device, you’ll probably even start to see an improvement on your stroke in regular play (without the device on your cue, of course).

There aren’t many devices out there that can generate results so quickly, and it’s even easier to use now because they all come with an instructional DVD. For such a simple and inexpensive device, this thing always delivers quality results.

If you have a friend who’s just getting into pool and they need some help with their stroke (sighting errors, alignment issues, etc), this little baby is a great gift idea for them. If you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, come on down to Billiards and Darts Direct and I’ll be happy to set it up for you to try before you buy.


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