How to do a Masse’ Shot

Let’s learn how to shoot a Masse’ shot. (Pronounced like “Mass-Ay”) For those who don’t know what a Masse’ shot is, it’s basically a curved shot.

Imagine that you want to make a ball into the pocket but there’s another ball in your way. You can’t shoot straight through it so you’ll need to curve around it. That’s exactly what the Masse’ shot it. A curved shot. It’s almost like that cool bullet curving technique in Wanted.

In the video example above, I’ve got a ball that I want to make into the corner pocket. Unfortunately, there is another ball in the way and that makes it impossible to make my shot straight-in. By using Masse’ I can curve the cue ball around that obstructing ball and make my object ball in the pocket.

What you first want to do is to elevate the butt of your cue. By doing that, I’m going to make the cue ball deflects. I’m going to hit the cue ball on the right hand side because I want it to curve to the right. It’s going to deflect to the left but it’s going to curve to the right.

So, ideally the english will grab and take it around to my object ball. Take your shot and watch the magic happen.


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