How to Select the Right Cue Stick

When you’re looking to buy a new pool cue, there are many things you might be considering: the weight, the wrap, the kind of tip. Of course, all these considerations are important but there is one crucial factor that is often overlooked by pool cue buyers.

That one overlooked factor is, “how does it sound” More than anything, you can tell if you’re using a quality pool cue by the sound it makes when coming into contact with a ball.

Cheaper cues will make a loud click when hitting balls and that’s vibration. You don’t want to feel vibration because that will interfere with your ability to gauge how much pressure you are exerting.

Cues like this are generally found in the $50 to $100 range, although some manufacturers are closing the gap and starting to make very high quality cues for just about $100.When you upgrade to a nicer cue, you will notice a distinct difference in it’s sound.

They will have a quieter, softer sound when striking balls. That is a sign that it has less vibration and that is what we are ultimately looking for, the least amount of vibration.

Some higher quality brands are McDermott, Viking, and Pechauer. These are all exceptionally well made and they will give you the feedback that you need to improve your shots.

Finally, at the upper end of the spectrum are your cues like Predator. Predator cues are world-renowned for the their low vibration and overall quality.

If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, you should definitely consider upgrading your cue. It’s one of the few upgrades you can make that will start improving your game the first time you start using it.

Of course, if you have questions, you are welcome to ask me using the comment box. If you’re in the San Diego Area, you can also come on down to Billiards and Darts Direct and I can show you around and we can find the cue that works best for you personally.


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