Pool Cue Tip Comparison

Today we’ll be discussing pool cue tips and the many various brands available to today’s pool player. Although there are lot of different brands to choose from, we’re focusing on just six of them.

Starting at the lower end of the spectrum we have Elk Master cue tips. These are standard leather tips. The Elk Master is blue which is due to the fact that it is embedded with chalk. This is a benefit because you won’t have to chalk it as often as a regular tip.

Triangle. This is a standard piece of leather and performs quite well for general play. Le Professional cue tips (Le Pro’s): This is another standard piece of leather that has been shaped and pressed into cue tip form.

They’re dubbed “The French Style Cue Tip”, so you can feel extra fancy using them. All the aforementioned cues are very similar albeit with different textures. The Elk Master cue tip is the softest, with the Le Pro being of average softness and Triangle being the least soft.

Next we have the laminated tips, like Everest. When looking at this tip, you can clearly see the lamination and that it is composed of many different layers. There’s also a red line toward the bottom to let you know when it’s time to change your tip out.

Next up are Moori cue tips, which are a very high quality tip. These are laminated as well. The whole point of laminated tips are to prevent mushrooming over extended play. The uniform stays much better and, in the case of the Moori tips, their patented glue stays much better as well.

Finally, we have what I believe are the best tips of the group, which are Kamui Black cue tips. They come in a variety of hardness, this one in particular is a Soft. The Kamui tips are also coated in a special chemical to maintain their integrity, which makes them last longer and need less frequent changing. They also give more with your left and right english which gives you less deflection on your shots.


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