Preadator IKON 1 Cue – Hands-on Review

Today we’re going to test a Predator cue; the Predator IKON 1, to be specific. This particular cue is solid maple painted black.

There are nickel silver rings in it with a leather wrap. The cue features Predator’s Uni-Lock system and uses the Predator 314 shaft. This cue is simple but very attractive.

It’s a fair generalization to state that all Predator cues are well made and this particular one is no exception. You can hear that it has a nice sound when striking the cue ball.

When you hit with it, there’s hardly any vibration at all. It’s very solid feeling when you hit with it.

You can see in this video that we’ve set up a ruler at the other end of the table to test deflection. The ruler is marked with 1″ increments up to 3″.

You can see when I hit it with softly, the deflection is about 1/2″. Hitting it a little firmer we get a little over 1″. There is very little deflection from this cue.

As I said earlier, all Predator cues are fantastic. The IKON 1 is definitely worth the money if you can afford it. They’re very high quality cues and you simply can’t go wrong with a Predator.


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