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Pool Cues for Sale in San Diego

If you’re in Southern California, come and visit Billiards Direct in San Diego. Billiards Direct is centrally located in San Diego at 8223 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA, 91942.  We’re also available to answer your pool cue questions, so call us at 1-619-462-7225

Choose Your Perfect Pool Cue At Billiards Direct in San Diego
Come to Billiards Direct and try the pool cue you’re planning to buy

At Billiards Direct, we believe the best way to identify your ideal cue is by trying multiple cues in person until one speaks to you. Our San Diego pool cue store is set up to provide a fun cue-buying experience for pool players of any skill level.

San Diego’s Pool Cue Store

Billiards Direct in San Diego is your one-stop-shop for all things pool cue; we offer an extensive selection of top pool cue brands and you can talk with pool cue experts who love the game.

Step into our climate-controlled cue showroom in La Mesa, California and discover your perfect pool cue; we offer a personalized cue-buying process which allows you to get actual first-hand experience with the cues you’re interested in.

Visit San Diego's Pool Cue Store
Every type of cue color is available at Billiards Direct, so you’ll always find a cue for you.

If you’re a pool player in Southern California, you owe it to yourself to visit our San Diego pool cue showroom today.

Expert Guidance on Pool Cues

Billiards Direct’s showroom stocks pool cues from all the major brands like Predator, Cynergy, Dufferin and Lucasi – each designed to suit different playing styles.

Whether you need a beginner cue, a professional cue, or maybe something in-betweeen, Billiards Direct has you covered.

Browse The Half-Mile-Of-Cues At Billiards Direct In San Diego
Billiards Direct’s pool cue selection is the largest in Southern California

Our diverse selection of pool cues include shaft diameters which ranging from 13mm to 11.75mm.

All of our pool cue’s weights are fully adjustable from 18 to 21 ounces, so you can walk right out of our our shop with a pool cue perfectly balanced for you.

Hands-On Pool Cue Experience

Brandon Gramse

“The best way to find your perfect pool cue is to try them in person.” – Brandon Gramse, Owner of Billiards Direct


At our San Diego pool cue store, we’re here to guide you through the process of determining your budget, brand preference, wrap style, and custom options.

Half-Mile of Pool Cues

And once you’ve made some selections from our half-mile of of pool cues (if they were laid end-to-end), you can then test various cues on our Professional 9-Foot pool table, which helps you get a feel for how each cue performs in your hand.

Half Mile Of Pool Cues in San Diego
Come and see Billiards Direct’s massive “Half Mile of Cues”

Only by hitting actual balls can you truly identify the cue that speaks to you. The entire process, from weighing to tip shaping, is done on site to ensure you walk away loving your new pool cue.

Custom Pool Cues

Our expert team of pool professionals can help you determine which features matter most based on your skill level, budget and playing preferences.

Browse the Largest Selection of Pool Cues in San Diego
Enjoy a friendly and fun pool environment at Billiards Direct

When you visit Billiards Direct in San Diego, you’re immersing yourself in a world of in-depth pool knowledge; our staff knows all about pool cue cue brands, weights, shaft diameters and tip options available, so we’ll make sure you find your perfect pool cue.

Visit Our Showroom

It’s likely that you’ll discover your ideal cue at Billiards Direct; in fact, you can even browse our pool cue selection online, and pick the cue up in store.

Browsing San Diego's Largest Cue Store
Take a stroll through San Diego’s pool cue super store, Billiards Direct.

Or start out with a visit our San Diego pool cue showroom and experience our pool cues firsthand. Our expert staff of pool professionals is ready to answer questions so you can choose a cue that elevates your game.

Biggest Pool Cue Selection

As Southern California’s premier billiards destination, we’re focused on delivering an exceptional pool-cue-buying experience. We look forward to helping you find the perfect pool cue!

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