How To Do 9 Ball Breaks in Pool

Today we’ll learn how a good technique for doing a 9 Ball Break in pool. Generally speaking, you can break anywhere for the game of 9 ball, but ideally you want to try to start from the center and begin working your way to the outsides.

When breaking 9 ball games, we want to work from the center and then move outward, because this increases your chances of pocketing the ball. The further you get to the outsides of the play surface, the more the ball will swing the other balls around when it breaks.

In the example video above, I try always to hit the 1 ball head-on, rather than hitting it to one particular side of then ball. The reason I want to shoot the ball head-on is because I want to put the full impact of my body into it.

As I make my 9 ball break, I’m going to try to keep my cue ball in the center of the table, which will increase my chances of getting shape on the 1 ball.

In the video example I’ve included, I can see that that the cue ball has stayed primarily in the center of the table. Conversely, my 1 ball practically flew into the side pocket, and I can see the 2 ball.

All in all, I’m satisfied that I’ve made a good 9 ball break, which also allows me some favorable angles for my next shot. 


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