Rules for 10 Ball Breaks in Pool

Today I’m going to show you my rules for 10 ball breaks in pool and billiards. The process of breaking the balls in 10 ball is essentially the same process as when you break 8 ball.

The general idea of a good 10 ball break is that you want to hit the 1 ball head-on, and not off to the side. The goal is to put ALL of your force into the ball.

My personal rules for 10 ball breaks are to start 1 diamond up, and 1 diamond over. Of course, you can hit it from anywhere, as long as you hit it with straight-on force.

Remember to keep your body weight leaning back, because you’ll want to move that body weight forward when you break. That action will transmit the full force of your body to the shot.

You can also break off the rail, if you prefer. The most important thing is that forward-moving force, coupled with hitting the lead ball head-on.

If you did your 10 ball break correctly, all the balls should scatter pretty well, and the cue ball should end up close to the center of the table.