How to Shoot Combo Shots

Welcome back for another exciting how-to billiards tip from Billiards and Darts Direct. Today we’re going to learn how to shoot combination shots, these are also often called simply “Combos”.

Combos are a very important aspect of playing pool and mastering this concept will pay very large dividends in real-world games. So, lets imagine we’re playing a game of 8 ball and we want to shoot the nine ball into the side pocket.

First thing I’ll need to do is line up and figure out where my point of contact is. The point of contact in this particular case is where I want the eleven ball to hit the nine ball.

Once I’ve figured out my first point of contact, then I’ll move on to the eleven ball and I’ll figure out where it’s going to make contact on the nine ball. After that, I’m going to see where my spot is on the eleven ball, where my cue ball is going to hit the eleven.

So basically, I’m just working backwards from the very last ball and going until my cue ball. Now all I’m looking at is that spot on the eleven ball where the cue ball is going to make contact

I’ll go ahead and take my shot and, like magic, my object ball will go in. Of course, like any technique, this will take some practice to master but once you do, it’ll be an often used and much appreciated technique in your repertoire.


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