Kick Shot Techniques

Just as before when we learned about Bank Shots, everybody is trying to find the half-way distance between the ball and the rail and the pocket. So, here’s a technique for how to figure that out with better accuracy than just eyeballing it.

Please note: There are some techniques that are far easier to understand visually than to read about them. This is one of them. I highly recommend watching the video for this particular example.

To successfully make kick shots, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the diamonds on your table. You’ll need to use the diamonds for all your measuring.

It’s important to remember that even though they aren’t labeled, each pocket is a diamond. Remember this!

So, imagine you’ve got your ball stuck right next to the corner pocket. Your cue ball is near the center pocket.We’re going to figure out how to make the cue ball go into that pocket.

For now, we’re only going to focus on making our cue ball into the pocket (we’ll adjust for the object ball later). I don’t want to use the diamonds behind the cue ball, I want to use the ones in front of it. I want to find the closest diamond to the cue ball.

Now I’m going to parallel it and split it. It’s useful ,when you’re just starting out with this technique, to bring another cue over to perform the paralleling and splitting. After you’ve split it, you want to come straight out on the rail, so that your point will be accurate.

Now you’ve got your cue stick set up on your point. It’s time to figure out the where I want to make contact on the object ball. Again, we just want to parallel it and split the difference.

If you’d rather not have to keep looking at the rail, just visualize it in your head, pick the point, the center of your cue and figure out what the distance is. In this example, it’s a little over an inch.

Now just move the cue over an inch that direction. This is where you’re going to make contact on the object ball. So, you’ve set your halfway point with far greater accuracy than eyeballing it. It’s time to make your shot.


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