How To Use The Stroke Straightener

“How do I use a training pool cue?”

If you’ve recently purchased a training pool cue like the Stroke Straightener, you may be wondering “how do I use this device?“. The Stroke Straightener is designed to be instantly understandable as soon as you actually start shooting with it, but it can be helpful to understand exactly how the device is intended to work. 

In our video “How To Use The Stroke Straightener” you’ll get a full rundown on getting the most from your Stroke Straightener training pool cue.

Training pool cues help you hit center-ball

The design of the Stroke Straightener training pool cue will help you to learn how to hit the cue ball in the exact center, every time. If you hit the cue ball off-center while using a training pool cue like the Stroke Straightener, the ball will mis-cue and very little energy will be transmitted into it. You’ll only get a good hit with the Stroke Straightener when you hit perfectly dead center on the cue ball. 

Once you’re able to reliably hit center-ball, your body will have developed proper muscle memory for how to hit straight on shots. With your newly dialed-in muscle memory for hitting center ball, when you switch to a traditional pool cue, you’ll be able to make precision adjustments to your shots, even ones that aren’t perfectly center-ball. 

The Stroke Straightener builds muscle memory

Now that you’ve had a rundown on how the Stroke Straightener training pool cue works, it’s time to start using it! That’s why we’ve created a series of video practice routines for using the Stroke Straightener that you can watch and try for yourself.

Grab your Stroke Straightener, head to the nearest pool table, and click the link below.

Beginner Stroke Straightener Practice Routine 


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