Pool Cue Stroke Trainers Instantly Improve Accuracy


Do you want to improve your aim and accuracy on the pool table?

You’re in luck, pool cue stroke trainers can instantly improve accuracy.

How Pool Cue Stroke Trainers Work

A pool cue stroke trainer like the Stroke Straightener works by using a conical-phenolic tip.

If you hit the ball even slightly off-center, the stroke straightener will vibrate and give you instant, tactile feedback.

A Stroke Straightener Uses a Special Tip
A Stroke Straightener uses a special conical-phenolic tip

You will no longer have to guess whether or not you are hitting center ball, the stroke straightener will let you know every single time.

Pool Cue Stroke Trainers and Muscle Memory

“Practice makes perfect”, but only if you are practicing perfectly.

When you practice without a pool cue stroke trainer, you are potentially teaching yourself bad muscle memory.

Stroke Straighteners Teach Proper Muscle Memory
Learn proper muscle memory by using a Stroke Trainer cue

These bad stroke habits can become deeply ingrained and may take years to unlearn.

Practice the Right Way with Pool Cue Stroke Trainers

By using a stroke trainer, you can ensure that every practice shot you take will be teaching you proper technique.

If you are practicing without a stroke trainer, there is no way for you to ensure you are practicing correct technique.

A Stroke Straightener Can Improve Your Aim
Reliably hit center-ball by using Stroke Trainers

A pool stroke trainer takes the guess work out of you practice sessions and sets you on a quicker path to mastery.

Where to Buy a Pool Cue Stroke Trainer

So do you want to instantly improve your accuracy?

A pool cue stroke trainer like the Stroke Straightener will improve your shooting almost instantly making it an ideal an essential tool for anyone looking to take their pool game to the next level.

Stroke Straighteners Help to Improve Your Accuracy
Stroke Straightener helps improve your accuracy

The Stroke Straightener is also a two-piece “Eliminator” style cue, so it fits right in your cue case allowing you to take it with you when you travel.

You can check out our selection of pool cue stroke trainers at Billiards Direct in San Diego at our pool and billiards shop, or online at BilliardsDirect.com.

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