How Far Do You Stand from a Dartboard

How Far To Stand From A Dart Board

What’s the Official Distance to a Dartboard

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If you’ve ever been asked how far do you stand from a dartboard, or how to set up your own dart game, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll delve into the official and unofficial rules of darts, share insights for new players, and offer a glimpse into the world of darting equipment and choices.

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How Far Should You Stand from a Dartboard?

Dartboard Standing Position – Official Rules

In professional dart matches, the distance from which a player throws is crucial. According to official regulations for the game of darts:

Dartboard Position:

  • The dartboard must hang so that the center of the bullseye is exactly 5′ 8″ from the floor.

How Far to Stand from the Dartboard:

  • All players must stand exactly 7′ 9-1/4″ inches from the board.

To ensure players adhere to this rule, an “oche” (a perpendicular line on the floor) is marked 7′ 9-1/4″ from the face of the dartboard. Both feet must remain behind this line when throwing.

Unofficial Dart Playing

While professional matches have strict guidelines, casual games, especially at home, can be more flexible.

If you can’t maintain the official distance due to space constraints, just ensure the dartboard is at the correct height and choose a consistent throwing distance.

The Game is Fair as Long as Everyone is Shooting from the Same Distance

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Guidance for New Dartboard Players

For newcomers and children, darts can be a challenging game to master.

When a new player is just starting out, it’s acceptable to stand closer to the board to develop good technique.

Children May Stand Wherever They Wish When Learning the Game

Over time, they can transition to the official distance. Regardless of age, dart safety is paramount, especially with youngsters.

Even with softer tip darts like the Shot Darts Soft Tip Zen Series, always ensure supervision.

Choosing Your Darts & Dartboards

Whether you’re playing with steel-tipped or soft-tipped darts, the right equipment makes a difference.

For those interested in steel-tipped darts, we have a curated range of dart sets and specialized options like Bottelsen steel tip darts.

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If soft-tip darts are your preference, we offer the Shot Soft Tip series among others.

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Darts is an exciting game that’s both challenging and rewarding.

Whether you’re adhering to professional standards or just playing for fun, the right setup and equipment can enhance your experience.

If you have questions or need guidance on anything dart-related, visit our website or our showroom in La Mesa, CA.

The team at Billiards Direct is always here to help guide you on your darting journey.

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