Poker Table Felt Guide

Poker Table Felt Guide

A good poker table is sturdy, well made, and able to handle whatever is thrown at it (or spilled on it).

Poker tables have many styles and options, but the most important of all is the material that covers the actual playing surface: the felt.

Today we will help you select this most important of features, and we will cover the two most common (and player favorite) materials used as table felt: velveteen (micro suede), and suited speed cloth.

Velveteen or Micro Suede Felt Poker Table (Standard)

On most standard poker tables, the felt of choice is velveteen, also known as micro suede.

Velveteen is a good all-around cloth for most tables and suits most situations is most games very well. However, it does come with its own set of drawbacks.

Velveteen is very absorbent, and as such, anything that is spilled on the table is almost instantly absorbed by the fibers. This makes velveteen very prone to staining.

While it is possible to scotch guard these types of felt beforehand, the reality is that this does very little to actually protect the fabric, especially from larger spills.

It is also obviously possible to clean the spill after the fact, but given the extreme absorbency of velveteen, most stains are there for good. Aggressive cleaning to remove the stain risks damaging the felt itself.

Velveteen is also not very slick, and as such does not allow the cards to slide across the table very easily. This is more a matter of preference, but it is something to be considered. Cards will stay where they are dealt and will not “glide” to the intended player.

Suited Speed Cloth Felt Poker Tables

For players looking for a more luxurious, and some would argue superior, playing surface, the felt of choice is suited speed cloth.

Speed cloth is made of polyester, which makes is highly resistance to spills and the resulting staining.

Speed cloth is almost much more “slick” than velveteen, allowing cards to glide effortlessly across the surface of the table to the intended player.

Speed cloth is also softer and more silky to the touch.

Selecting YOUR Poker Felt

If you are interested in owning your own poker table, no matter what felt you prefer, or would like to know more about poker in general, please visit our website, or stop by our Billiards Direct showroom in La Mesa, CA. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you on your path to becoming a poker master.

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