What Weight Do Professional Dart Players Use?


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Everyone wants to play like a pro, so it makes sense that one question we hear time and again is:

What weight do professional dart players use?

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Do Professional Darts Players Have a Preferred Weight?

In this article, we focus on the dart weights used by professionals like Michael Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor.

You can reference this as a general benchmark when you buy your next set of darts.

Dart Weight Affects Performance

The weight of a dart significantly affects how it flies.

A heavier dart flies straighter, while a lighter dart might “arch” through the air.

Darts Dartboards for SaleA Dart’s Weight Will Greatly Affect How It Flys

Dart-weight choice is a matter of comfort and personal preference.

Check out our steel-tip darts sets for options that vary in weight.

Dart Weights Professional Players Prefer: Behind the Choices

Some professionals prefer slightly heavier darts, while others stick to the more average range.

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Professional Players Used Professional Dart Brands

The following professional dart players have been known to play with the following dart weights:

  • Michael Van Gerwen: Uses 23-gram darts for control and stability, much like our Shot darts.
  • Phil Taylor: Prefers 26-gram darts for better control, similar to some of our Bottelsen darts.
  • Gary Anderson: Prefers 23-gram darts, which you can find in our general dart collection.

Choose the Best Dart Weight for You

The most common dart weight sold is 22 grams, which is a good place to start.

The 22 gram dart weight offers a balanced mix of stability and control, making it a popular choice among both beginners and more experienced players.

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Finding the Perfect Dart Weight Requires Some Experimentation

We recommend starting with 22-gram darts and then experimenting with different weights.

When To Try New Dart Weights

As you gain experience, you may find that a slightly heavier or lighter dart suits your throwing style better.

Trying out different weights allows you to observe firsthand how each affects your throw.

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Using Heavier or Lighter Darts Can Improve Your Accuracy

You’ll notice subtle differences in flight paths, landing angles, and even the amount of force you need to exert.

If you find that your darts are consistently landing lower than you aim, consider switching to a heavier dart.

Conversely, if your darts are landing higher than intended, a lighter dart may be more suitable.

Pay Attention To Other Players

It’s also a good idea to observe other players, particularly those with a similar throwing style to yours.

Take note of what weights they’re using and consider giving those a try.

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Seek Advice From Other Dart Players Regarding Dart Weight

For more information about choosing the right dart weight, contact the dart professionals at Billiards Direct, and be sure to ask more experienced dart players for advice.

Dart Weight Matters, But So Does The Player

While it’s useful to know what dart weights professionals use, the best weight for you will depend on your style and comfort.

To learn more about dart weights or other bar games, visit our Bar Games Classroom.

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Shop Darts at Billiards Direct's San Diego Showroom, view our Steel Tip Darts, & Soft Tip Darts for sale, and Contact Us with your questions

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