These are the Best Cue Stick Holders for Every Situation


Do you need a place to store your extra cues while you shoot?

These are the best cue stick holders for every situation.

Wall Mounted Cue Stick Holders

Wall-mounted cue stick holders are ideal for almost any situation.

These types of cue stick holders are very secure and ensure your cues are safe and within reach.

Wall Mounted Cue Racks Are Very Secure
Wall Mounted Cue Racks are the most stable and secure

They also offer the added bonus of keeping the floor space around the table free of obstacles.

Some even have spaces to store your balls, racks, and other pool accessories for added convenience.

Free Standing Cue Stick Holders

Free standing cue stick holders are smaller and more portable than a wall-mounted rack.

These smaller racks hold several cues and can be put in a corner so they are out of the way.

Free standing cue racks are lightweight and can be stored away when not in use.

Portable Cue Stick Holders

When traveling with your cues, the best option is a portable pool cue stick holder.

Portable pool cue stick holders are small enough to be stored in your cue case, and can be attached to almost any solid surface.

Portable Pool Cue Holders
Portable Pool Cue Holders are easiest to bring to the pool hall

Portable pool cue stick holders are so versatile that they are ideal in almost any situation.

Which Cue Stick Holder to Choose?

We recommend the E-Grip cue stick holder for its incomparable level of stability and protection.

The E-Grip holds up to three cues, is made of solid aluminum, and uses a patented mounting system to attach securely to virtually any surface.

E-Grip Pool Cue Holder
E-Grip Portable Pool Cue Holder

The E-Grip will ensure you cues are safe and secure no matter where you play.

Help Choosing Your Cue Stick Holder

If you are looking for a pool cue holder, stop by our Billiards Direct pool and billiards shop in San Diego, or browse our extensive collection online at

We would be happy to help you select the perfect pool cue holder!

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