Here are the 7 Best Arcade Trackball Games


Here are the 7 Best Arcade Trackball Games.

There are certain arcade games which simply can’t be played with a mere joystick and buttons; some games NEED an arcade trackball cabinet!

What is an Arcade Trackball Game

An arcade trackball is a video game controller that uses a spinning ball and 360-degree sensors that allows for a more-nuanced gameplay.

Conventional video game controls are either “off” or “on,” but a trackball’s analog-input system allows for a “ramping up and down” of speed and accuracy.

Many video games in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s were designed specifically to be played with this unique trackball system.

Strategy Trackball Video Games

Rampart [1990]

Rampart is a strategic battle of territorial warfare that requires the player to try to outmaneuver their opponent.

Since you have to cover large areas quickly, build protective walls, and command your forces, the trackball’s speed and agility can help in many ways.

Rampart – 1990

Missile Command [1980]

This shooting focused game requires a high level of quick aiming and accuracy.

You need to quickly switch between targets on opposite sides of the screen, something that is virtually impossible with a joystick.

Missile Command – 1980

Action Trackball Video Games

Combat School [1987]

This game features numerous military training exercises and tactical drills to test your skills in sprinting, shooting, etc.

Here the arcade trackball truly shines since the game was designed specifically to be played with this type of controller.

Combat School – 1987

Centipede [1981]

Centipede requires you to quickly switch your aim over the entire screen area.

While technically possible with a joystick, an arcade trackball makes things much easier.

Centipede – 1981

Sports Trackball Video Games

Golden Tee Golf – Sports [1995]

Golden Tee Golf’s main game play centers around your golf “swing.”

Having an arcade  trackball control is essential, as it is very hard to simulate a swinging motion with a joystick.

Golden Tee Golf – 1995

Bowl-O-Rama [1991]

In this arcade classic, the players need to be able to exert control over how their balls roll down the lane.

We are not even sure how someone could ever play this game without a trackball.

Bowl-O-Rama – 1991

Marble Madness [1984]

In Marble Madness, you are using a trackball to control a rolling marble.

Marble Madness is virtually impossible to play without a trackball, and that’s also why the home version of the game was so frustrating for so many players.

Marble Madness – 1984

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