What is a Break Cue?

What Is A Break Cue?

What exactly is a Break Cue, and how is it different than other pool cue types?

Break Cue Pool Sticks for SaleGetting a Good Break is Essential in a Game of Pool

Break Pool Cues – What’s The Break?

The Break Shot is the first shot in the game of pool.

In pool, the Break can often be the most important shot in the whole game.

Break Cue Pool Sticks for Sale
The Break is Often the Most Important Shot of an Entire Game

A good Break Shot can help set the table up for a win, while a bad Break Shot can spell almost certain defeat.

Benefits Of A Good Break

With a proper break, you can set up your shots for the rest of the game, and put your opponent in a very difficult position to make their shots.

A poor break shot can leave you in a weak position, and it can possibly allow your opponent to win the game.

Break Cue Pool Sticks for Sale
A Bad Break Could Put You “Behind the 8 Ball” Both Literally and Figuratively

How To REALLY Run The Table

Whether you sink or score on the break, you’ll get to continue to shoot, and that allows you to the chance to run the table.

Break Cue Pool Sticks for Sale
One Good Break Could Lead to Multiple Consecutive Wins

Some pool players follow the “winner breaks” rule, which means you could theoretically run the table multiple times in a row…

But all of the above relies on a good break.

Break Cues Help You Break Better

A Break Shot requires far more force than a typical pool shot. As such, the increased impact can have an adverse reaction on the life of a standard pool cue.

Break Cues are made of stronger materials, and they feature harder cue tips than standard pool cues, which allows them to withstand the increased force of a break shot.

Break Cue Pool Sticks for Sale
Predator BK Rush Break Cue

Owning a Break Cue is no guarantee that you’ll get extra sunk balls on the break, but it is a better tool for the job, compared to a standard play pool cue. 

As an added bonus, owning a Break Cue will also lengthen the life span of your standard cue.

Choosing YOUR Break Cue

If a you would like more information about our Break Cues for sale, please visit our website www.BilliardsDirect.com, or stop by our Billiards Direct showroom in La Mesa, CA. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the perfect jump break pool cue for YOU and YOUR game.

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