What is a Double in Darts?

Rules for Scoring a Double in Darts

In this article, we’ll dive into the distinctions between a “Double”, “Doubles”, and a “Double Bullseye” in darts.

We’ll specifically focus on answering the question “what is a double in darts”, in order to assist both novice and seasoned players in understanding these terms.

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When Playing Darts Each Player Shoots 3 Darts

Understanding Dartboard Layout

The dartboard is segmented into twenty numbered sections, each associated with a score. The scoring gets intriguing with the inclusion of special rings on the dartboard.

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The Outer Ring of the Dartboard is Called the Doubles Ring

All dartboards for sale today feature an both an Inner Ring and an Outer Ring. This Outer Ring is where we get the terms “Double” and “Doubles” since darts that land in this ring count for either double points, or “2” of a given number.

What is a Double in Darts?

When we talk about a “Double” or “Doubles” in darts, we’re referring to the Outer Ring on the dartboard. Landing a dart in this ring doubles the score of that particular section.

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Darts That Land in the Doubles Ring are Worth Twice the Number of Point of the Segment

For instance, if a dart lands in the outer ring of the 20 segment, that dart scores 40 points. In some game variants like 301, hitting a double is crucial for starting your scoring or clinching the win, known as “doubling in” or “doubling out”.

What About “Double Bullseye”?

The Bullseye is the center most part of the dartboard, consisting of two circles – an Inner Circle and an Outer Ring. The Inner Ring of the Bullseye, often referred to as the “Double Bullseye,” scores 50 points when hit.

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Double Bullseyes are Worth 50 Points or 2 Bullseyes

Although not technically a “double” in the traditional sense as with the Outer Ring of the numbered sections, it’s still a term dart players should be familiar with in that it counts as “2” bullseyes in certain games.

Mastering the Double Bullseye

Achieving a Double Bullseye requires precision and practice. Here are some tips to improve your aim:

  • Maintain a consistent stance and grip, ensuring you stand at the correct distance from the dartboard.
  • Reduce excess body movement.
  • Practice a smooth, controlled throw.
  • Regular practice to build muscle memory.
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With Practice the Elusive Double Bullseye Can Become Easier to Hit Consistently

With patience and practice, hitting a Double Bullseye can become a feather in your dart-playing cap.

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