Finding The Best Predator Cue For Sale

Finding The Best Predator Cue For Sale

Billiards Direct has a large variety of Predator pool cues for sale in our online store. Visit our San Diego store to see dozens of Predator cues in real life, and even take some test-shots in our store. If you have questions about a particular Predator pool cue, you can always Contact Us directly.

What’s The Best Predator Cue?

Pool Cue Carbon Fiber for Sale
With a Predator pool cue, you’re primed for performance.

When it comes to precision in the game of pool, the choice of cue plays a pivotal role. Among the myriad options available, Predator pool cues stand out as a top choice for both amateur and professional players.

Pool Cue Sticks for Sale

In this article, we’ll explore why Predator cues are so good, and we’ll guide you in finding the best Predator cue for sale to improve your game.

The Secret Is In The Shaft

Predator cues are renowned for their innovative shaft technology. Unlike standard cues, Predator offers a range of shaft options, including both wooden shaft options and carbon-fiber shaft options, each engineered to enhance its specific Predator cue butt.

Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Sticks for Sale

Wooden Predator Cues

The Predator pool cue called the Predator P3 is an ideal example of Predator’s excellent wooden pool cues.


Cues like the Predator P3 feature Predator’s wooden shafts which are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a balance between flexibility and firmness, and designed to perfectly pair to the wooden Predator cue butt.

Carbon-Fiber Predator Cues

On the other hand, Predator’s carbon-fiber shafts, available in models like the Predator REVO SP2 Series, represent the pinnacle of technological advancement in cue sports.

Carbon Fiber Pool Cues for Sale

Predator’s carbon-fiber cues feature Predator carbon-fiber shafts that are are not only durable, but they also offer unmatched consistency and low deflection, allowing for greater accuracy and control.

Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts for Sale
Predator pool cues with carbon fiber shafts offer precision to players

Choosing the Right Predator Cue

When looking for a Predator cue for sale, it’s important to consider your playing style and specific needs: Are you interested in a traditional cue for casual play, or a modern cue for precision and performance?

Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts for Sale
Regardless of your play style, a Predator cue will improve your precision

For instance, if you prioritize precision and consistency in your shots, the Predator REVO series with its carbon-fiber shaft might be the ideal choice.

Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Sticks for Sale
Predator pool cue for sale – Ikon Series – With your choice of wooden shaft or carbon fiber shaft

Alternatively, if you prefer the traditional feel of wood with modern enhancements, Predator’s Ikon Series feature wooden shafts, which are more suitable for the all-wood appreciator.

Next, Customize Your Cue

When buy a new Predator cue, you get to completely customize the cue to your exact specifications, and that includes the following options:

  • Shaft Diameter: Predator cues come in various diameters, with each size offering different advantages in terms of ball control and spin.

Watch this video if you’re wondering how to determine your ideal shaft diameter.

  • Cue Weight: The weight of the cue affects the force of your shots and can be adjusted to suit your playing style.

Watch this video to see how to pick your perfect cue weight.

  • Tip Type: Predator cues feature high-quality tips that ensure a better grip on the cue ball, allowing for more nuanced shots.

Get more info on See Predator Cue Tips here.

Each Predator Cue for sale gets a Victory tip installed

Find A Predator Cue for Sale

When searching for Predator cues, it’s essential to ensure authenticity. Purchasing from reputable and Authorized Predator dealers, such as Billiards Direct is recommended.

Choose Your Perfect Pool Cue At Billiards Direct in San Diego
Visit your local Predator-authorized pool cue retailer to check out Predator cues for yourself

Nearly all Predator cues offer a warranty, which is a good a sign that Predator has confidence in the quality of their cues.

Get Your Predator Cue Today

Predator cue performance is determined first by the quality of the shaft, so it’s good to understand what kind of Predator cue is right for you:

Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Sticks for Sale
The choice between a carbon-fiber cue and a wooden cue is more than just aesthetics.

Choose a wooden cue to get traditional looks and performance, and choose a carbon fiber cue to get increase precision and warp-free design.

Predator for Sale

By understanding the features and technologies each Predator cue for sale 0ffers, you can make an informed decision and find a cue that not only matches your style but also enhances your performance at the pool table.

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