Jump Cue Technique, Explained Simply

Master Jump Shots

What is a Jump Shot?

If you’re wondering what a “jump shot” is in the game of pool, it’s basically a shot that hops over obstructing balls.

Imagine that you want to make a ball into the pocket but there’s another ball in your way.

You can’t shoot straight through it so you’ll need to hop over it. That’s exactly what a jump shot is: a shot that hops over balls blocking your path.

Executing a Jump Shot

To execute a jump shot, you need to elevate the butt of your cue at a high angle, and by doing that, you’ll make the cue ball jump.

Try to hit the cue ball closer to the bottom, because that can cause it to hop over my obstructing ball.

Using a special-purpose jump cue can make it easier to successfully execute your jump shots.

Practicing a Jump Shot

The key is practicing a ton to get just the right amount of speed and spin, if you use it, to make the cue ball jump exactly where you want it to.

Jump shots take skill, but if you practice regularly you’ll be making jump shots in no time!

When done right, the jump shot lets you make seemingly impossible shots that will blow people away.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember though, always check the rules where you’re playing and the place you’re at before trying a jump shot.

Jump shots can sometimes damage a pool table, if they are done improperly.

You might also want to use a jump cue, which is lighter and shorter than a normal cue, to make the shot easier.

Jump Cue Options

I mentioned earlier that there are specialty jump cues available which can make it easier to successfully execute a jump shot.

A  jump cue is generally lighter in weight and shorter in length, making it easier to raise your cue up and get the proper downward-jab motion.

Here are a few options for jump cues that are worth considering:

McDermott Stinger Jump Cue

This is a McDermott jump cue which features a phenolic tip and ferrule, which allows for powerful opening shots.

McDermott’s Stinger jump cue has a removable butt for precision jump shots, and a Wrapless Rosewood handle.

The Stinger is backed by McDermott with a lifetime warranty that protects against warping or manufacturer defects.

Cuetec Avid Surge Jump Cue

This Cuetec jump cue delivers an effortless “surge” of energy, thanks to Cuetec’s construction technique that utilizes multiple layers of specifically oriented glass fibers which are bonded to a kiln-dried, A+ grade maple core shaft.

The Avid ‘Surge” jump cue features a low-deflection Power+ front-end and weighs 9.50 ounces, allowing the shaft to more easily get out of its own way, especially with highly-elevated jump shots.

Lucasi Hybrid LH-BB-AIR

If you want a fully customizable jump cue, the Lucasi Hybrid Air is an outstanding choice for all jump shots.

This Lucasi jump cue features include Quick-Release Uni-loc joints, a 13.75 mm Bakelite tip with an S4 super size sweet spot, and a Carbon fiber ferrule and joint collar.

It also comes with an Air G5 grip with X-Shox Dampening Technology, and adjustable weight bolt setup ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 oz.

Master the Jump Shot

With sufficient practice and the right equipment, you can master the art of the jump shot and surprise your opponents with your skills.

If you have questions about your jump cue, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your jump cue questions.

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