What is a Jump Cue?

What Is A Jump Cue?

Have you ever played a game of pool and ended up in a position where you had no shot?

Maybe your opponent’s balls are blocking every available opportunity, and there’s seemingly no way around it.

Luckily, there is an answer to this predicament: a Jump Cue.

Jump Cue Sticks for Sale
A Jump Cue Can Help You Literally Rise Above the Competition

So What, Exactly, is a Jump Cue?

A Jump Cue is a special pool cue that is shorter in length than a standard pool cue.

This shorter length of a jump cue give it a more stable shot.

Jump Cue Sticks for Sale
A Jump Cue Stick Helps You “Jump” Over Your Opponents Ball

Pool shooters can put extra leverage on their shot, and thus more easily jump their ball over their opponent’s balls.

Jump Cue Construction

Jump Cues are also sturdier and feature harder tips than a standard pool cue to absorb the extra force required in jump shots.

Typically, hard maple or some other hard wood is used in the construction of jump cues, but modern jump cues are made of many kinds of materials including Carbon Fiber Jump Cues.

Cuetec AVID Surge Jump Cues InfographicCuetec AVID Surge Jump Cues Feature Cutting Edge Technology

Jump Cue Tips

As for the tip on a jump cue, it’s likely to be some kind of a bakelite /phenolic resin tip.

These sturdier tips last longer than standard tips and, as such, have less need for frequent replacing.

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Lucasi Jump Cues Feature Specialized Tips to Help Give You a Competitive Edge

Pool Jump Cue Options

Jump Cues are a common part of the game of pool, and there are Jump Cues for sale in many weights, colors, materials, and wrap options.

The manufacturing process has also come to the point where many jump cues offer lifetime warranties.

Jump Break Cues Combo for Sale
Some Cues are both a Jump and Break Cue in One

Some players even use a combination Jump Break Cues which is suitable for both break and jump shots. Having two-cues-in-one means you’re always ready with a secret weapon to help win the game.

Choosing YOUR Jump Pool Cue

If you would like more information about jump pool cues, please visit our website www.BilliardsDirect.com, or stop by our Billiards Direct showroom in La Mesa, CA. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the perfect pool cue for YOU and YOUR game.

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