What Is Shuffleboard Sand?

What Is Shuffleboard Sand

Maintaining your shuffleboard by using a wax-based silicone sand is an effective way to ensure it lasts for many years.

Shuffleboard sand is also directly responsible for how the puck slides across the shuffleboard table’s surface.

This article shows you why players buy shuffleboard sand and the correct method used to apply it.

Why Is There Sand On A Shuffleboard Table?

The silicone substance on a shuffleboard resembles “sand” or “powder” in appearance, and its purpose is to reduce the friction between the board and the puck.

When you slide a shuffleboard puck down a shuffleboard table, you want the shuffleboard “sand” on the table’s surface so that there’s less friction to inhibit and influence the puck’s travel.

If you want your shuffleboard table to perform its best, a container of shuffleboard sand is your best friend.

Shuffleboard Kids Playing Fun Credit Yancy9
Shuffleboard Sand Reduces Friction to Allow the Puck to Slide Down the Play Surface | Photo by Yancy9

How To Sand A Shuffleboard Table

To apply shuffleboard sand on a table, most people use a towel to lightly apply or rub shuffleboard sand in order to spread it evenly throughout everywhere properly.

Remember to use it sparingly and always try to sprinkle the sand evenly, which helps to preserve your shuffleboard board, and prevents any excesses sand buildup.

Shuffleboard Imperial Scottsdale
“Scottsdale” 12 Foot Shuffleboard Table by Imperial

How Much Sand On A Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard sand’s function is to both preserve and protect your board’s surface, so use as much of it as you feel is appropraite.

It’s wise to use shuffleboard sand for your table approximately two to three times or more per month.

Many players own several containers of shuffleboard sand, with a container of small size, and a container of larger size granules, and this means they’re prepared for any shuffleboard situation that arises.

Shuffleboard Imperial Telluride Lifestyle Diagonal
“Telluride” 12 Foot Shuffleboard Table by Imperial

Buying Shuffleboard Sand

Purchase your shuffleboard sand with Billiards Direct’s fast, convenient virtual store today to see all of our shuffleboard accessories, including lines of several types of shuffleboard sand and other maintenance items.

Feel free to stop in our store too if you are in the area to see how shuffleboard sand works to extend the life of your board and can help you win more games!

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