Best Pool Cue Under $400

Cuetec Avid Opx-X Pool Cues for Sale

The Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” series features six different pool cues, each with their own original, intricate design graphics.

Why are Cuetec’s Avid Opt-X among the best pool cues under $400?

Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” Features

Cuetec AVID Series Cue Informaton

Avid “Opt-X” pool cues are manufactured by Cuetec using A-grade, Hard Maple wood that has been kiln-dried and vacuum-sealed.

See the full selection of Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” pool cues for sale.

Every Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” cue is equipped with an AVID, glass-bonded Maple pool cue shaft, in either an 11.75mm Skinny Shaft or 12.75mm Standard Shaft.

Avid “Opt-X” Designs

Cuetec Avid "Opt-X" with Red Accents

Cuetec’s Avid Opt-X with Red Inlay Graphics

The Avid “Opt-X” feature unique designs and color combinations, with graphics including inlaid-points, silver rings, and more.

All Avid “Opt-X” cues come a Cuetec “Leather-Tec” wrap, which provides ideal “moisture-shedding ability”.

Shop Avid “Opt-X” pool cues for sale

Duo Extension-Bumper Ready

Cuetec Avid "Opt-X" Teal Blue Pool Cue

Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” with Teal Blue design graphics

Each Avid “Opt-X” cue can utilize the optional “Duo” extension bumper, which can extend your cue by up to 6 inches.

Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” cues are weight-adjustable, via a second-generation Cuetec “Acueweight adjustment and balance system”.

Find your new favorite Avid “Opt-X” pool cue

Best Avid Opt-X Cue Under $400

Cuetec Avid "Opt-X" Gold - Accuweight Adjustment

Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” Cue with Gold geometric graphics

When considering the best pool cues available under $400, the Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” proves to be a winning example of a pool cue line with high-performance and sleek styling.

There is a full line of Cuetec Avid “Opt-X” pool cues for sale, which means you’re likely to find one that’s just right for you, and within your budget.

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