How To Choose A Lucasi Pool Cue

How To Choose A Lucasi Cue

There are a million pool cues out there, but few can match the quality craftsmanship and stunning visual presentation of a genuine Lucasi pool cue.

Lucasi Cue Sticks for Sale
Lucasi is One of the Most Well Known Names in Pool Cues

Lucasi Pool Cues – Identification

So what should you look for when shopping for a pool cue?

There are three key metrics for a pool cue: length, weight, and material.

Each Lucasi pool cue has its model number printed right on the side of the butt to help you identify this key information.

Lucasi Cue Sticks for Sale
Lucasi Offers Cues in a Wide Selection of Lengths, Diameter, and Styles

Lucasi Pool Cues – Categories

There are three main types of pool cues: general cues, break cues, and jump cues.

Lucasi Cue Sticks for Sale
Lucasi Offers Player, Break, and Jump Cues

Lucasi Pool Cues – General Purpose Cues

Lucasi general purpose pool cues (or Lucasi multi-purpose pool cues) are just that, general purpose cue that can be used for any type of pool shot. In theory, you could play an entire game with just one general cue, and many players do just that.

Lucasi Pool Cue Sticks for Sale
LHC97 Pool Cue by Lucasi

Lucasi Pool Cues – Break Cues

Lucasi break pool cues are fitted with a harder tip, and offer more stability for harder shots like breaks.

Lucasi Break Cues for Sale
LHBB2 Break Cue by Lucasi

Lucasi Pool Cues – Jump Cues

Lucasi jump pool cues are also designed to withstand harder shots and are shorter in length to give you extra leverage when you need to jump your ball over an opponent’s ball on the pool table.

Lucasi Jump Cues for Sale
LHBBAIR Jump Cue by Lucasi

Lucasi Pool Cues – Features

Lucasi pool cues are manufactured to the highest possible quality specifications and come in both Uniloc and Radial pin joint configurations. Both types of joints ensure perfect alignment, fast changes, solid ball strikes, and high impact ferrules to support even the hardest of shots.

Lucasi Cue Sticks for Sale
Lucasi Cues Offer a Proprietary System for Weight Customization

Every Lucasi pool cue is built using top of the line materials, and features both a patented wood stabilizer to prevent warping, and a gorgeous gloss finish.

Lucasi Pool Cues – Warranty

Every Lucasi pool cue comes with a limited lifetime warranty against any defects, warping, or any other unforeseen damage allowing you to play stress-free for years to come.

Lucasi Cue Sticks for Sale
Lucasi Cue Sticks Come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lucasi Pool Cues – Selecting YOUR Pool Cue

To customize your own Lucasi pool cue, please visit our website, or stop by our Billiards Direct showroom in La Mesa, CA. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the perfect Lucasi pool cue for YOU and YOUR game.

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