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When it comes to pool cues, Predator is a brand synonymous with quality and performance.

Pool Cue Carbon Fiber for Sale
Professional pool players pick Predator

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Predator cues for sale, highlighting their unparalleled craftsmanship and the variety of cue types, which cater to every player’s needs.

Predator’s Commitment to Quality

Predator cues are renowned for their precision and innovation. They are a preferred choice for both amateur and professional-level pool shooters seeking to improve their game.

Carbon Fiber Cue Shafts for Sale
A Predator cue with a carbon-fiber shaft is a perfect compliment to any environment

The specific way that a Predator cue can improve a pool shooter’s performance is relative to the construction materials and overall technology within the cue.

Predator cues are constructed using high-quality construction materials, such as exotic woods and durable carbon-fiber weaves. With a variety of Predator cues on offer, you’ll soon see the Predator brand’s commitment to quality and performance.

Many Types of Predator Cues

Predator offers a diverse array of cues, including Predator Break Cues, Predator Jump Cues, and the carbon-fiber Predator REVO Cues. Each Predator cue type is designed to meet specific pool-playing needs, ensuring that every shooter can find their perfect match.

Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Sticks for Sale
Predator REVO carbon fiber cues can give any player a new outlook on their game

Let’s explore the various Predator cues available, and we’ll see how each Predator cue type has been custom-engineered to enhance specific aspects of your game.

Predator REVO Cues

Predator REVO cues are at the pinnacle of billiards technology. Each Predator REVO cue, such as the Predator SP2 REVO cue, includes a precision REVO shaft which is made from aerospace-grade, carbon fiber composite, which means these Predator REVO cues surpass traditional wood shafts in durability and precision.

Carbon Fiber Pool Cues for Sale
Predator SP2 Revo Carbon Fiber Cues for Sale

Each Predator REVO carbon fiber cue available for sale includes one of three shaft-diameter options, and each REVO Shaft diameter is designed to cater to different playing styles.

The REVO 11.8 MM Shaft is perfect for players seeking extra spin and control, while the REVO 12.4 MM Shaft offers a balance of control and power. For those who prioritize power, the REVO 12.9 MM Shaft is the ideal choice.

Predator REVO Carbon Fiber for Sale
Predator REVO Carbon Fiber technology is used throughout Predator Cue types

Predator Break Cues

Predator’s break cues transform your breaking game.

Predator Break cues for sale are available in carbon-fiber models, such as its’ Predator BK-Rush Break Cues, which are engineered with the latest Predator carbon-fiber innovations.

Break Cue Pool Sticks for Sale
Predator break cue – BK Rush with Carbon Fiber technology

For those who prefer a wood-shaft on their break cue, Predator’s BK4 Break Cue has a shaft which features wood reinforced with carbon.

Both of these Predator break cues offer increased power and accuracy, but their Predator BK Hybrid Break tip is also forgiving of slightly-off-center tip placements, which makes these Predator Break cues a top choice for players aiming to enhance their break shots.

Predator Jump Cues

When it comes to Predator Jump Cues for sale, there are a few options worth considering. Predator’s Air Rush Jump Cues and Predator Air II Jump Cues are designed for precision in executing jump shots.

Predator jump cue with Carbon-Fiber technology – Predator Air Rush

Favored by top-ranked professionals, Predator Jump Cues can make jumping easier and more accurate.

Predator has refined their jump-cue design over decades, and its also validated by professional players who use Predator cues every day. When you get a Predator jump cue, you gain access to a new level of precision, consistent with the highest standards of performance.

Customization Options

One of the unique aspects of purchasing a Predator cue is the ability to customize it to your playing style. Predator’s REVO cues, for example, can be ordered in any of three REVO shaft diameters.

Predator REVO Shafts for Sale
Predator REVO Shafts are Available in 3 Different Shaft Diameters

For all Predator cues, you can choose the shaft diameter, cue weight, and tip type, allowing for a tailor-made experience that enhances your control and shot precision.

Authenticity and Warranty

When considering Predator cues for sale, ensure you’re purchasing from reputable and authorized dealers, such as Billiards Direct.

Purchasing Predator cues via Authorized Predator Retailers ensures the authenticity and quality of your cue, and it also entitles you to Predator’s robust warranty policy.

Half Mile Of Pool Cues in San Diego
Predator’s warranty is one reason a pool shooter may choose a Predator cue.

Predator offers a Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects, applicable to the original purchaser and under normal use. This Predator cue limited warranty, which covers repair or replacement of defective products, highlights Predator’s commitment to the durability and performance of its cues.

Make an Informed Choice

Whether you’re drawn to the traditional aesthetics and performance of a wooden break cue or the increased precision and warp-free design of a carbon fiber jump cue, Predator offers a range that satisfies every preference.

Browse The Half-Mile-Of-Cues At Billiards Direct In San Diego
Come and take a look at our selection of Predator cues, including Predator cue cases, at our San Diego showroom/

Billiards Direct’s selection Predator cues for sale each represent an investment in your pool game. By understanding the features and technologies that each Predator cue offers, you can make an informed decision that matches your style and enhances your performance at the pool table.

Visit Billiards Direct today, to choose your perfect Predator cue.

Predator for Sale

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